First Session
The first session allows us a chance to meet each other and discuss whether we feel comfortable committing to beginning our working together. Towards the end of the first session we will decide how we wish to proceed by reading and signing the agreement between us and setting up a weekly date and time for our sessions.

How much counselling will I need?
It is not easy to give a specific answer as each individual or couple will come with their own unique issues. After our first session together we can discuss an appropriate timeframe to work towards.
You will be the best judge of how the work is going. Hopefully, once we start our work, you will feel more comfortable and even relieved to be able to have a space that is for you to explore your experiences in life.
I offer short or long term work. It is usual to commit initially to six sessions.  In week five we can review our work and together decide whether longer term work is appropriate.

Longer term work can be seen as a ongoing commitment to explore deeper and unresolved issues that may come up during the first six sessions.

Allowing, of course, for holidays,  it is best to commit to weekly sessions as losing the momentum by irregular attendance can interfere with the process.

All information disclosed by you as a client is treated in confidence in accordance to BACP guidelines.