What is supervision?
Supevision is essential for the practitioner and the client, in order for us to work safely, ethically and responsibly. 
Supervision is a place that we can bring the highs and lows of our work and recognise the impact that the work has on us. We can discuss in a open and caring way how our work changes who we are and how it effects us in our other relationships. 
Supervision enables us to recognise the importance of self care and how to avoid burn out.
Supervision is a place to challenge those parts of our work that might be otherwise overlooked. 

I can provide supervision for individuals or small groups who work in the counselling / psychotherapy field or other caring /  health related professions (for example, Acupunturists, Homeopaths, Nurses, Charity workers). 

2015 Diploma in Individual and Group Supervision from Cascade Training Associates